Joel Matlin's Wrongful Dismissal Case

Joel Matlin’s Wrongful Dismissal Case

Joel Matlin, former chief executive of AlarmForce Industries, has filed a wrongful dismissal suit against the home-security company he founded over 25-years ago. Leading the company as its founder in 1988, as well as being its face for many radio and television ads, has claimed that he was dismissed from his executive position without any cause or notice, breeching the terms of his employment contract.
Matlin is also demanding punative and aggravated damages for the nature in which he was released, arguing that the actions by the company’s board have damaged his reputation.
The $11-million claim includes $1.3-million for wrongful dismissal, $6,460 in unpaid vacation and $10,000 in damages. He also wants AlarmForce to acknowledge he was wrongfully dismissed.
In a statement, Matlin claims he was terminated by the board ahead a scheduled meeting that would outline his strategy for the company moving forward. In the dismissal, Matlin was forced to leave the building under security with no time allowed for him to collect personal items. The suit also claims that family members of Matlin also had their employment suspended and then terminated due to the family connection. Matlin has also elaborated on the matter, explaining that we intends of gaining the support of shareholders to bring him back to the Chief Executive position which is now held by the company’s Chief Financial Officer, Anthony Pizzonia.




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