Employment Benefits Law

Loss of Employee Benefits

Losing your job is hard enough. For many people, the blow is even worse because they have also lost their right to employee benefits. Employee benefits typically include medical insurance, dental insurance, life and disability insurance, and more.

Often an entire family will rely upon one parent’s medical and dental insurance plan. The loss of such coverage can be very costly – particularly where a large family is involved, or if a spouse or children have expensive medication or medical treatment needs.

When we act for dismissed employees, we will seek financial compensation for loss of these benefits. In certain situations, we may also negotiate to obtain a continuation of benefits as part of a settlement package.

In our experience, although financial compensation is important, many families need an immediate solution to either reinstate or replace their medical benefits. Our firm has worked successfully with King Capital Planning to provide employees who have lost their group benefits with an immediate solution.

In addition to seeking legal advice, we strongly recommend that individuals seek proper insurance and benefits advice upon losing their job.

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