Our Firm

The Lypkie Henderson Employment law office is dedicated to providing excellent legal services and cost effective solutions tailored to the unique circumstances of each client. We strive to consistently provide the highest level of personal attention to each of our clients. At the Lypkie Henderson Employment law office we value professionalism, integrity and excellence. We defend and enforce our clients’ rights and recover for them the damages they have suffered. We strive to ensure that the ideals of dignity and fair treatment are secured for our clients.

We recognize the importance of employment and the devastating effect that losing employment can have. Conflict of any sort in the workplace has a lasting impact, both physically and emotionally. We are dedicated to using our knowledge and experience within the area of employment and contract law as dynamic tools to reach practical and positive solutions for our clients’ circumstances.

Our goal at the Lypkie Henderson Employment law office is to enforce our clients’ rights and recover the damages they have sustained. To achieve this end we represent the interests of every client in the most thorough and cost-effective way possible. We are results-oriented and focus on understanding what the best outcome is for each client and following through to ensure that we reach that outcome.

Our Results And Employment Law Experience

Lypkie Henderson has advised hundreds of Albertans through the most challenging of employment situations. We have acted against all variety of employers, including:

  1. Municipalities;
  2. Provincial government entities;
  3. Large corporations;
  4. Native bands;
  5. Small businesses.

Lypkie Henderson has assisted clients in the following circumstances:

  1. Review and legal advice on severance packages;
  2. Negotiating higher severance packages, including salary continuance, directly with employers on behalf of employees;
  3. Successfully prosecuting wrongful dismissal claims;
  4. Claims for constructive dismissal, including hostile work environments and unlawful temporary layoffs;
  5. Advising employees and former-employees as to their obligations under restrictive covenants, including non-compete clauses and non-solicit clauses;
  6. Prosecuting claims for unjust dismissal pursuant to the Canada Labour Code;

Notable successes have included:

  1. $61,444.00 judgment and payment of full solicitor and client costs in favour of a dismissed social worker following a successful adjudication under the Canada Labour Code; **
  2. Six-figure salary and benefit continuance package successfully negotiated for industrial manager with nearly three decades of experience; **
  3. Six-figure settlement to a wrongful dismissal lawsuit commenced on behalf of a senior business manager with over three decades of experience;**

Your job is your livelihood. It is serious business. When you are faced with an employment law matter it is absolutely vital to obtain the advice of an experienced employment lawyer.

**Note: Results vary according to the facts in each case.
Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.