Denied Overtime in Alberta

Do you regularly work for more than 44 hours per week without overtime pay, or compensation? If so, your employer may be in violation of the Employment Standards Code of Alberta. The Code states that an employee within Alberta, working for more than 44 hours within a workweek, is entitled to time-and-a-half for hours worked above this time standard. In situations where an Alberta employer denies an employee such pay, that employee is entitled to compensation through legal process.

Overtime Tactics Used by Employers

While some overtime situations are unintended, there are under-handed tactic common to hourly working environments within Alberta. In an effort to avoid paying time-and-a-half, employers may require their employees to complete jobs outside of clocked-in hours. This is considered ‘working off the clock’ and is a blatant violation of an employee’s rights. Other methods may include:

  • Averaging out an employee’s hours over 2 weeks
  • Refusing overtime on the premise that the work was not officially approved
  • Failure to pay employees for 15-minute work breaks, training sessions, meetings, or take-home work.

Calculating Overtime in Alberta – Do I qualify for overtime in Alberta?

The Employment Standards Code of Alberta defines compensation for overtime in the measure of a week made up from 7 consecutive 24-hour periods. When an hourly-waged employee’s work time exceeds 44 hours within this weekly definition, they are entitled to time-and-a-half compensation.

However, employment claims for unpaid overtime are time sensitive. If you suspect your wages for overtime pay in Alberta have been denied or withheld, contact our Edmonton employment lawyers to explore what overtime compensation you are entitled by law.

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